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Maple Leaf Borders

shared by Suzin McNeill


Protect your borders Canada.

In a moment that you expect not many, many people will flood your gates. They will come to escape severe conditions within their own countries. They will come and bring a curse upon your land. The curse will come in the ways of  violence upon your land. This violence will cause allies to turn away from you. They will work much evil and Canada will be left accountable for the actions of only a few.  Those who will bring this judgment  forth will come from your northern borders. Canada, My hand is raised for your protection and in this protection, I Am calling forth for you to both hear my warnings and for you to turn around. Judgments are at your borders and gates.

Will the righteous take stance and set prayer towards your borders? Who will stand and declare warning? Canada, you too, are called to love Israel and to bless those who bless her. Will you declare the heritage of My saints? Are you redeemed to the ways of the world or are you redeemed to walk in My ways? Prophesy  to your borders, for protection. Call to your leaders. Let your voice be heard. Shall your stance be bent to appease the secular or shall your stance be holy to hold up My hand upon your nation? Canada you are chosen of My heart. Hear My cries unto you and begin to cry out unto Me for your nation and your borders to be protected. Cry loud,  cry long, and cry strong. Awaken those who are sleeping in the early hours. Awaken your Parliament to My warnings for I Am that I AM and I am wholly GOD, and your GOD, most holy, says The LORD. 1-27-2003


a handmaiden note ~ There are four places that I have interceded for many years. These places are  Israel, India, Canada,  and of  course  The United States, where I live.

During the first time I went to Canada I was given a maple leaf  and told to put it in my Bible and that I would be coming back. This single leaf  has been kept and protected there for three years.

(My family and I went to Toronto Canada for a year and stayed. It has been a year since we were there. We do love Canada.)

In an early morning dream I had walked over to my Bible and saw that several pages were folded over and this upset me. ( My Bible is precious to me and I don't fold pages.) Then, as I picked up my Bible, brown dry pieces of my leaf  fell out. I quickly turned to where my Canadian maple leaf was kept and saw that it had been crumpled up and torn on one side. Half the leaf was missing. I became furious! Then, I woke up.

For a couple days I did not  use my Bible but, studied using an internet Bible. I was upset over the maple leaf and did not want to look at it.  When I went back to use my Bible several days later,  I opened it and then realized that this had happened in the spirit and not in the natural.  I was happy that my maple leaf from Canada was in tact. I said, thank You LORD for keeping my leaf  and Canada in my heart. It seems like it should have ended,  here but, this leaf  thing ... has bothered me in a nagging kind of way for days. The LORD has not brought my understanding of this complete meaning yet. I know there is a message for Canada with my leaf experience.

a  fact of Canada
A Northern Land (Location).  Between the U.S. and Canada is the longest undefended border in the world.  Canada borders three oceans, the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic.  It is the second largest country behind Russia.  It is made up of ten provinces and two territories.  In 1999, a third territory, Nunavut, will split from the Northwest Territories. 

( If  anyone has any more insights to this experience would you please write me concerning this and share what the Holy Spirit releases to you in these precious and perilous times?)

shared by ~Jeanette Wilson

After reading about the Maple leaf – This is what came to me.Please judge these words by The Holy Spirit.I have not shared many dream interpretations. You should also share with Kremmling as the Lord has blessed them with His Words.

I believe the folded pages of your Bible were a sign of words and judgments held back for a time such as this.The enemies allowed to come into Canada have the ability to destroy half the country.You were furious because of righteous indignation.These things need not happen.In the Spiritual realm the leaf broke off dead and dry. The Lord breaks off the dead parts. Separating the tares from the wheat. When the hedge of protection is lifted without their repentance, these things may take place also in the natural.  For now the land is still green and alive

Just as the Word of God has protected American soil – There has also been a hedge of protection over Canada. In recent years, battles were fought on foreign soil for both countries, while the people were protected and watched from a distance.

The maple leaf represents the soil (home land) of Canada. The half leaf that was crumbled was dead and broken off. The time is now for both countries to repent and hold off the punishment (judgment) of the Lord. If not, there will be division among the nations and many may die on their own soil. It is not too late.

Repent is the cry of the Lord

America and Canada are called to stand firm for Israel. As they stand the veil must stand. Lord, have mercy and continue to draw us all to repentance. Cause us to pray for the welfare of our nations with one heart in Jesus name.
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