The Seven Wounds Of  CHRIST
 For The Nations
shared by Suzin McNeill


 You understand My wounds for healing within your own body. I want to take you deeper. I want you to see My wounds for the healing of the nations. My crown of thorns is for the leaders within the countries. It is for the heads of nations. Their minds will be pierced by My light and My thoughts. They will be given great witness to decide where they will stand in Me, says The LORD. 

 My back is torn and opened into the innermost being of my body. Within each stripe there is a nation. There will be an opening in each nation and country where the people will cry out to Me and their government will be given the swift chance to stand with Me or against Me. The stripes on My back will eradicate their past services to many false gods and false ways.  I will have mercy and forgiveness, if they will but turn to Me.

 See the  gapping wound of My side. This wound is the closest to My heart.  See both the water and the blood that flows forth from My side. I will give drink to those in the desert places of My heart. I will give blood to those who are contaminated by evil. My blood flowing is for the diseases that will be loosed even through chemical warfare. The water flowing will restore the bitter polluted waters. See the nail mark in My left hand. 

 From the center of My hand  to the five fingers are those who will walk in My power of greater works through My five fold ministry. Each finger is connected to the center nail mark. There will come  unstoppable five-fold teams with My power that will turn and function as one. These are hand picked and divinely called for this season. They will in no way be deterred or influenced by others. They will stay set within My hand and will reach many, because of their unity with each other and their divine unity with Me. This will be the hand that reaches forth unto the nations with great power.

 See the nail mark in My right hand. This hand will bring chastening and judgments that will cause many to cry out to Me. As they cry out from broken places I will restore them. This hand is for severe correction within the body of My church. It will replace man's religion. It will reveal the judgments for correction and chastening to those who stubbornly resist My sent ones. This hand with My nail mark will record on earth as well as record in heaven. What is written by this right hand is written for all time even until the end of the ages. This hand brings forth the very power of that is within My FATHER to bring eternal judgments. It is the hand sealed with promise in the actions of My FATHER. 

 See My left foot and the nail wounds within it. This foot was nailed first to My cross. This foot is to strengthen those who will stand sure and confident in Me. It brings with it the good news for all of mankind to hear My WORD.
My left foot is the foot that follows. Those who will walk with Me shall bring signs and wonders as never before seen. Those who walk here will forever follow The Lamb. The earth will have no boundaries for this foot walking.

 See now My right foot and the nail marks. It is standing strong using this earth as it's footstool. You will see My right foot stepping into oceans that will bring tidal waves. You will see My right foot stepping upon mountains within many nations. You will see My right foot resting upon works and judgments already released into the world. This right foot shall step with apostles and prophets of great understanding and great strength. This foot will require washing from the world's filth. It will be washed in new blood. 

 See now the river of blood that is before you. It shall grow stronger than the force of many water falls. It is sent forth to cleanse My bride and to prepare her to receive all that I have for her. Be at peace now,  and gaze upon My wounds for My people, Israel. 

 You are bone of My bone and flesh of My flesh. Your sinews are My sinews and they are formed in My strength and power. I have breathed the very breath of life within you. You came forth from glory and you have been redeemed unto Me through the blood I gave at Calvary. Can you see that the time of great conflicts is before you? Draw nigh unto Me and do not allow the fears of the enemy to overshadow your lives. It is time that you must listen very carefully and discern my voice in leading you.

 My people, draw near to Me and I will bless you in ways that you have not  seen. It is My pleasure to come unto My own with both giftings and revelations of My Father. Come, for those of you who make the dedication to obey Me now, and to walk the paths of the destiny before you  will know the joyful sounds, the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of those who truly praise Me and serve Me. I will pour out upon the people of My heart. All that see this shall rejoice even in the midst of the world in turmoil. I will be found of them who seek Me. I will come among those who gather in My name. I will reveal My FATHER's glory and the very meaning of HIS name unto My people, Israel. 

See My wounds again. Are they not also for the joy of restoration set before them? Healing for many nations will come, and My people will never be ashamed. They will be healed and will be sent out under my authority to heal the land and the people of this land.  Fret not Israel, you are My redeemed, says The LORD. 2-11-2003

Job 10
11 Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh, and hast fenced me with bones and sinews. Thou hast granted me life and favour, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit. And these things hast thou hid in thine heart: I know that this is with thee.

Ezekiel 37  So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.

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