Casual Holiness
shared by Suzin McNeill

dove of christ

Shhh... Don’t speak...  Let go of your nervousness and come unto ME.  I am here …  Shammah, HE is there… even on the cross, HIS heart too, was nailed not just for ME as HIS First Begotten Son, but for each one of us. MY FATHER’S love was nailed onto a cross and HE too, bore the separation. 

The taste of  MY death I endured  for all. Keep your eyes on ME. Let  ME be your Shepherd. Walk with ME and hear MY songs. I will teach you the secrets of the ages, and I will teach you by MY Holy Spirit to walk fully in MY Light. Come walk with ME. I will show you great and awesome changes that will glorify MY FATHER. Oh, until this day, until this age, and until this maturity of the sons of GOD, MY people have waited, hoped, and stood in faith, believing... They have cried let me see YOU! They have challenged ME and stumbled into the most base darknesses. 

All in this life is not to be pleasing, nor rewarding on earth. Rewards are gifts of a right heart standing before ME. Rewards are whispered at evening prayers during communion. MY presence is found in the morning. Shall you come unto a holy GOD without adornments of praise? Have you entered MY gates to only ask for things and daily provisions? Do you think that as long as you speak to ME in prayer you are walking in MY ways? Repent. Repent for going your own way and doing your own thing instead of MY will.  Your heart speaks to ME, before your mouth forms the words. The counsel of your heart is manifest before ME. Is coming before ME a ritual of prayerful asking for needs? 

Holiness is not in the bound up heart of bitter services. Holiness is the adornment of MY  bride. It is her crown. Purity is the song of her heart in love. In righteousness, and in  quietness shall your strength arise with confidence. Return. Return unto ME, today. I will saturate you with MY Spirit. I will rain on you My joy, and as your strength increases I will call you to war. MY sons and My daughters, set your self apart from all and listen. Hear MY whisperings. Seek ME in the garden, and prepare your hearts. 

MY sons and MY daughters stand boldly at dawning and seek MY will. You will know NO FEAR, except Mine, the fear of your LORD. You will stand righteously. You will stand strong. Not one of  you stands alone. All MY sons and all MY daughters shall hear ME as I speak. I am coming closer to MY people, yet within each one I stand. 

The works and the  miracles, and the greater works will move throughout the land swiftly, as the Wind of MY Spirit blows and comes upon each one. Holiness returns and from this uncompromising stand, the world will shake and the wind will obey as MY judgments move throughout this land. Some will be goats and some will be sheep. Yea, they are marked already. Some will stand and some will flee. Find yourself in obeying MY desires for you. It is time to put away your childish ways of fighting and quarreling within MY temples, and within your own homes. When you fight among yourselves you glorify satan and he laughs at you for being duped. Fighting draws you away from prayer and makes you ineffective in warfare. Wise up, and grow up.  

Take stance in the maturity of your walk before ME. It is time for you to reach forth to minister, and it time for you to stand in obedience. Shall I choose you as MY sons and daughters to entrust you with MY power? I say I have already chosen you and MY power within you is not just for occasional casual holiness. 

To the ones that I call near, I will send you out in MY power. In your hands will be MY heart, MY  Blood, and a two-edged sword. Who will stand only in MY Blood and in MY name and fight? How long shall you stand? Are you watching with ME, now, brothers and sisters of MY kingdom? Can you watch and pray now, for just two hours? Can you watch and pray now, for just one hour? Will you enter in and pray?  As soldiers you’ve bragged much and have never gone off to war... As MY sons, and daughters you must learn war. 

AS MY daughters, you shall war in prayer, breaking the strongholds, casting down principalities, rulers, and darkness. You shall all pray and as you pray in oneness of heart, you shall birth and bring forth My blessings and MY manifest promises unto MY people.  

Sounds of praise will arise. Many shall come running from the byways crying out, “Save me. Wash me. Cleanse me. Help me with these awful, heavy burdens. Free me. Reach out to me. See me. Hear me. Forgive me. Love me.” Be swift to serve and reach forth to those who come around you. Reach forth in love to the stranger and MY favor and MY glory will come upon you. By MY Holy Spirit I, The LORD will adorn you and call you to the inner courts of My heart. 

The day is dawning. It is time to beat your plow-shares into swords. It is time to stand up for holiness and kick satan out the door. It is time to be matured, called,  and readied for this war. 

I speak to you as sons and daughters of MY heart. Holiness can no man see, but I see. The counsel of your heart is made manifest before ME. Holiness is not an act. Holiness is not what you wear or in the manner of your dress. Holiness is not just a pentecostal experience. Holiness
is not another manmade tradition. Holiness is not a casual action. 

Holiness  is the adornment of your heart, dressed in acts of obedience, by  The Holy One of Israel. Will you come unto ME? Will you stand before ME in honor, or  will you stand before ME in dishonor? Casual commitment does not produce honor. I, The LORD honor the servant’s heart. Will you stand in honor or dishonor?  Serve ME  willingly. Submit unto MY will willingly, knowing that I will not harm you. I will uplift you and carry you through every storm. I will teach you to war and you shall stand victorious overcoming all the powers of the enemy. 

When I clothe you it will not be in casual service, nor in a haphazard manner. When I clothe you, you shall stand in MY authority, and in MY power. The days before you are not just days of casual holiness. They are the days of exact, precise stance, and positioning by MY Holy Spirit. 

Can you see ME?  Purify your heart, and then you shall see ME.  Will you walk with ME? Learn to lean not on your own understanding, but learn of ME. I am not a sloppy, haphazard GOD Who appears unto the one not seeking. I am holy and holiness is MY work. Will you stand before ME in your church-going ways of casual holiness? No, you will fall back without the full commitment to seek MY will and do it. You must stand in MY WORD and stand walking in MY ways. Who can know the counsel of the heart in service? I, The LORD look upon the heart. 

No longer is this a season of casual holiness. It is the season of dedication and forbearance. It is a season of upheaval. It is a season of falling away and a hard  season which comes as a preparation for holiness. Learn of ME. I am I AM. I am holy. 

Learn of ME.  Stand dressed and ready for MY call. It is a new day and quickly MY hand does reach forth and spin the earth. Stand in obedience. Dress your self for war. Put away your casual holiness to stand in the glory of obedience where I, The LORD shall speak unto you saying,  “well done MY good and faithful servant.” Stand wholly holy. 

Abba,  FATHER, when all is spoken and read, nothing can compare to Your infinite love. Help us all, LORD in the power name, JESUS. 

Psalm 144, 1  Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: 2) My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me. 

Thoughts From A Handmaiden 

Casual holiness is also where one hears The LORD clearly, and then chooses to let other things come before the next assigned steps within HIS will. We are only as obediant as our next step. To truly walk with JESUS is to walk the will of HIS FATHER. All that JESUS has done for  each one of  us, HE did willingly, that  we might come to know HIS FATHER. When we are lead to the merciful unconditional love of our FATHER. HE is quite capable of “showing Himself by loving most, healing secret hurts, and flooding us with HIS holy and divine presence. The LORD is always in the details.” 

This simple truth of the gospel never changes. “Come to CHRIST JESUS. HE will love you, and you will know HIS love. It is not programs. It is HIM! It is all about the ONE WHO loves us most. It is about HIM! What powerful truth! Come to JESUS and HE will love you, and HE will take you and your surrendered heart and lead you to your FATHER.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.