Israel's Song 

Jeanette A. Wilson  & Suzin McNeill
dove of christ 
 There is a song in Israel 
  That comes forth for the nation 
  There is a song in Israel 
  That arises through tribulation 
 There is a sound in Israel 
 That speaks forth of denial 
 There is a song in Israel 
 That is birthed through many trials 
 There is a voice in Israel 
 That speaks forth authority 
 There is a law in Israel 
 That declares it Most Holy 
 And it should not be given up 
 Is God Almighty's plan 
 There is a song in Israel 
 With freedom through The Lamb 
 The wars may come, and they may go 
 With so much pain and sorrow 
 But, He who wounds, will make as whole 
 He lifts up those who will bow low 
 We pray for peace 
 And then release 
 God's timing through the land 
 There is a song in Israel 
 Called God's Most Holy stand 
 There is a song in Israel 
 Coming forth for the nation 
 There is a song in Israel 
 Arising through tribulation


Arise, Arise O Israel

The LORD your GOD is One.

Arise, Arise O Israel,

and come unto My Son.

Arise, Arise O Israel

and sing to Me your song.

Arise, Arise O Israel

and come unto My throne.

Arise' Arise' Arise'

I bid thee to arise.

Hear ye hearing ears ~

I call to thee to come~

to come unto the holy place,

to come unto Your God.

Arise in Me, thus says The LORD

and come into My grace.

Arise in Me thus says The LORD

and walk the holy way.

Touching The Streets Of Israel

shared by Suzin McNeill


Let the sins of Israel be forgiven her. Let her not wander in the streets of strangers. Let the infidels and strangers not cross her borders. FATHER, raise up Your sentinels and guardians to watch and patrol Your home. It is not by force but by Your power that Israel is kept. Let the stealth and the arrows fly undetected through the night skies and in the brightness of the noonday sun. Let Your voice be heard alone within the leaders of Israel and within her intercessors.

FATHER, see the single blue star on the white and cover all who stand under it in the blood of Yeshua. See the flowers of the desert and let them bloom within the hearts of the inhabitants of Israel. Let The Rose of Sharon walk bringing His essence within the streets. Ah, FATHER protect her by the grace of the cross of Calvary. Let the outstretched arms of  Yeshua embrace Israel today. Rise up FATHER, Your homeland people are crying within their hearts. Come LORD. Come stay with Israel.  selah.

The WORD of The LORD

My hands are not tied O’ Israel and you will see Me provoke even more to raise the standard up.the season and the time for My people to come forth as fierce warriors and show the earth’s world just whom I love to favor. For a while now, Israel has appeared pushed down and somewhat  passive before the heathen nations. Snakes can not invade the borders Of Israel or they will come into the streets and into the homes and then they will even try to enter My temples says, The LORD.There are no kind snakes crossing the borders of Israel. To touch them is to be bit. Their venom strikes suddenly in their launching forward. You cannot befriend the snake even if the colors are pretty, and it crawls up upon your doorstep. Don’t touch it, nor let it enter near your camps.

Watch! Keep both eyes and your prayers upon Israel and you who discern will see and hear of   My recompense to the evil that has thought to harm her.  Again, see the flags of many nations but keep your eyes on the flag of Israel for there is glory in the land. I AM calling My leaders to stand protectively firm and to stop the enemy completely, at all costs. Israel, you are Mine says, The Lord. Who can withstand Me? No, not one can withstand the plans I am setting forth in Your land, No not one can withstand. Move swiftly in My guidance

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.