River of Blood

shared by Suzin McNeill

dove of christ

a vision / holy experience

I went up to the river, and the river was blood. 
I went into the river, and I learned of  HIS love. 
The river was flowing from HIS throne to me. 
I went into the river, and HE set me free. 
HIS voice was on the waters, and His voice was in me. 
I heard HIS voice saying, Arise now in ME. 

I went up to the river, and the river was blood, 
I saw a white horse riding, The Son of The Dove. 
HIS eyes were a flame, and HIS head was as gold, 
The name of the man, could not then be told. 
I saw HIM coming and cried I aloud, 
For HIS vesture was blood red, and HE came in the clouds. 

HE saw me standing, standing by the way. 
HIS eyes saw my heart, all else passed away. 
HE spoke to me soft words and said, now arise, 

And I looked as HE left me, and rode on in the sky.  

Behind HIM there traveled a river of red, 
I went into the river and bowed down my head. 


Shaking of the Holy Places


There are coming three waves of the movement of My Holy Spirit unto My people. Each wave will progressively build in the power of My Holy Spirit. The anointing will intensify with each wave, and the swiftness of the movement of each wave will be shortened. The first wave has begun now upon the earth.

I, The LORD will reveal My secrets unto My prophets and My prophetesses. I am sending decrees now from the mouths of them to place the body of My church in right order, and to let My people worship within My Holy Spirit. It will not be comfortable within the churches not called by My name.  

Pastors, preachers, reverends, and shepherds will know that changes are coming into their services. I will send forth golden vessels who will raise the heads of My people, and they will raise their opened hands to five-fold ministry. The heads of My people shall be lifted up and the hands of My messengers will yield in the fullness of Christ, raising His hands, to raise the dead, to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to reach to the lowly, to lead the merchants, to lead My handmaidens, widows, teachers, and the sons of God. They will join My lambs in praise or they will continue on with their traditions, serving services, and calling LORD, LORD.  

This first wave will bring new breath to stale houses of worship. By the world's standard, there will be some natural good works, subtle attitude changes, new joy, and better teaching. There will be new order within My temples. My sons and daughters and will take stance as never before. The armies of Mine, will stand up, and I, The LORD will stand in them for they shall obtain holiness before Me. They will have come through the fire, not smelling of smoke; they will have brought forth thousands and millions of souls.  

They  will come forth as hidden jewels from obscurity, 

cut, fashioned in righteousness, wearing white linen, crowned in obedience, molded, broken, made and remade, with My glory upon them. They will come forth and walk holy through this land. I, The LORD will walk in them in My power, and they will walk willingly upon My command. They will close ranks and stand, even, with women and children equipped in obedience to My Word. I will raise up My people to serve Me. I will raise Me up a body that is cleansed, prepared, steadfast, patient, kind, compassionate, and readied to walk and to serve Me, alone.  

The second wave will begin where the first wave left off saying 'the anointing!!!'...It is here that I will begin to mightily shake the world's order of churches. It is here that I will manifest more powerful anointing than My Church, called by My name, has ever known. There will come a great dividing of people within My Church, called by My name. Pew sitters will leave the church and will persecute those that I will send to deliver My words.  

I, The LORD, will establish  judgment, justice,
and new order. 

There will be no positions assigned by men. All will be challenged to submit to the ones I send in My name and authority. Denominations of man will be shaken, and shaken, and shaken. There will be a great falling away. The men and women who are serving services, will turn and persecute those who will walk in this new level of anointing. Their eyes will be blinded. They will walk on slippery paths.They will stumble and fall. I will send strong rebuke to those who stand in the way of My people praising Me. We will see   ministries and even 'full gospel' ministers, given unto men that I called, turn away from this move of My Holy Spirit. 

Self promoters, churches, and ministries, who refuse to stand only in My name will begin to blaspheme the move of My Holy Spirit. They will cling to the old and will show forth their past accomplishments and degrees. They will say, we are established. They will cry LORD, LORD...and I will turn My eye away from them, despising their image, for when I called unto them again, and again, and again, they refused Me. When I sent Others in My stead, they refused Me in them. They have professed that they know Me and love Me with their lips, and have denied Me knowingly. They would not turn, from their own ways to learn of Me. I seek ( immediate obedience).  

The west coast works will fall. I am calling My people out of their services of complacency to hear Me, for I will shake and shake, and shake again. This will be a time of great spiritual battles within the temples of man.My people will serve Me in new order. This will be a time that I will lift up My election from their hidden places and show forth My power as never before on this earth. Many will flee, at the movement of My five-fold hand that ministers unto My people. 

O Israel, you will hear the voice of your God. O Israel, you will hear My words and take heed. The veil is falling before you. Sin will not abide in My body. I will draw by My Holy Spirit those in both the byways of  backsliding, and those from the highways of the world. Complacency in My House will be chased by the power of My Holy Spirit. Those who have set in My pews and seats for years will suddenly turn and flee for the god of their mind will be dulled and they will not bear the move of My Spirit, for they have been hearers and not doers of My word and My will. They have served complacency more than Me, saith The LORD. I would not have you ignorant of My devises, or of My armory, for I am calling to quicken you, O Israel, to My Word and to My Spirit, as never before.  

Who can stand before Me in sin? Who can seek to hide their dark secrets before My light? I say none can, for I am The Revealer of the hearts of men and I seek Me a people with hearts that are cleansed and chaste. I seek Me a people of  holiness whose heart is the heart of their God, yielded and prepared, and obedient. My alter is your heart and My table is your deeds. I will have Me a people who will worship Me, and even bow down at My name. I will raise up the army of God for all the peoples in the land to see. My people, will stand. My election will stand with no other adornment but the name of My Son Jesus, and His blood. If evil cometh upon them, they will fearlessly stand, for they will know that the violence of the sword, judgment, pestilence, fire or famine,shall not harm them, for it is I, The LORD that stands with them.  

My election, will stand firm, and will walk not only in churches, but will walk through neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, colleges, and the government. People will seek to hide themselves from the words of knowledge I will send. satan, will violently react in the churches, in the streets, and at the very sight of My anointed ones. Exploits will move throughout the land. Those who call themselves great will not partake of this level of anointing. There will be no fooling, of where they stand in Me, thus saith The LORD. Men and women who have walked in the television arena for the approval of men and their own ungodly greed will flee from those I will send to them.  

A sword, and a word will expose their skirts and proclaim their shame. With each step of obedience, My servants, sons, and daughters, will rise in their levels of anointing. As I equipped Moses with signs for Pharaoh to observe, so will I, The LORD equip My army. The earth will shake. The heavens will shake. The food supply will be greatly challenged, even in America.There will be blessings unto My sent ones who endure and walk before Me, in holiness. Who shall I send? Who has stood in My counsel to hear Me? Who shall I send? I will raise up and send forth My hidden army, who will not break ranks, who will not be deterred, who will not spare, who will not have pity, and who will not turn to the left or to the right, but will continue to walk the path of  My will, that is hidden, safe, and protected. There will be unique, special abilities and talents released to those who please Me. O Israel, you are the ones I love to favor 

Wealth, health, and true dedication will be seen among
My  people.

See now the visions. Hear now the cries for the third wave will bring My unlimited power. The dead will be raised daily. Miracles of loaves and fishes, and wine will be common place among My people. Seal up the visions that I now show you. My people, the Cherokee, the Sioux, and others who love this land will receive recompense, all recompense, for they have stood before Me, even as THEE GREAT SPIRIT. India is Mine! China is Mine! The isles are Mine. The earth is Mine, saith The LORD, and I will shake, and shake, and shake. I shall cleanse, purge, and burn to ready you to stand before Me in My power, thus saith, The LORD, from the high and even holy place called Teman. 3/18/1991

 Seven 7's 

the word of wisdom,  
the word of knowledge,  
the gifts of healing,  
the working of miracles,  
discerning of spirits,  
divers kinds of tongues,  
strange artillery for an army..

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