Song For The Elders

shared by Suzin McNeill

dove of christ

A Vision

I saw an old sink with rusty handles on each side for the hot and cold water. The sink beneath the faucets was worn so much the gray  under the porcelain was showing through. The places directly under the water faucets were orange with rust. I questioned if the people who lived there ever had their water checked by the water department. I thought to myself that if the water coming out of  faucets was rusty enough to stain the sink and eat away the porcelain, what is it doing to their bodies as they drink it every day? I thought to myself, I'm sure glad I don't have to drink the water from those old faucets. 


  So, it is with My church,  says The LORD. They have been called to the fountain of Living Water but, because they see that the knobs are a little different and that both hot and cold water can come out of the same spout they stay behind, waiting for another to turn the water on for them. These are the ones that have shown their faithfulness through many years serving in My church. They have brought their families and their relatives and friends to many services. They have prayed long and hard for the unsaved members of others' families to come to salvation. 

These have served with their presence, attending in faithfulness, and have paid duty tithes each pay day. Now, they are weary and they can not understand what has happened to this generation that lives like the sabbath is just one more day, like any other day. They sit and they have both seen and heard the promises from many preachers.They have watched as the church has moved from soberness to drunkenness, from intolerance to acceptance, from mercy to judgment, and from the living water to the polluted rivers. 

They are asking me in these last days to let them see the next great movement of My hand. They long for glory but they are bound up in their own fleshly, earthly tabernacles. Who will bring forth the water to prime the wells? Who will reach forth for these elders who have remained true to the faith? Are they to be pushed out the doors for the new? Are the old songs of their heart now forgotten? Is not their victory still in My Son JESUS? 

My sons, My daughters, My shepherds, hear the choirs of the ages.In praise all voices are heard... It is the day of the "new music and the new song" but, if you listen closely you will hear such songs from the ages that sweetly sing of victory in JESUS, and about how great I am. Like fine wine I have kept many of My elders singing through their trails and the essences from them are pure. Do not put away or put aside the honor that they have found in ME. Treat them as The King's jeweled eggs, priceless and one of a kind. They can not be replaced in this new day. They must be heard. 

 My old men have dreamed many dreams of MY coming.

They have held faithfully to the words that they will see Me, before they even taste of death. They shall see ME. I, will keep My word to them. Treasure the elders within My temples. They are rich and have many stories abundant with faith.Decades of fervent prayer has seasoned them. Storms and deaths of many have tossed them as the tides raged. They have remained in MY ship with their faith fully anchored to the cross of My Son JESUS. 

Listen. Hear the new songs arising and as you tune in you will also hear the songs through the ages being sung quietly in the background. Bring those faithful to the front and honor them by asking them to pray for My people, My troops, and My children before the battles rage. They will bring forth sweet essences of  tender songs and forgiveness to the hearts of those who have their lost hope and their will to go forth.

Yes, the pipes where the water has run out is now rusty, but consider the sweetness of these deepest wells in ME, says The LORD for this day is their day also, and they have waited for the work of this day, that they might bring forth water to the battle torn. My elders will stand as wells in the desert and I shall cause them to bring forth My water,clean, refreshing, and pure, pouring and overflowing from the most unlikely vessels. 

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