Ceiling Fires
shared by Suzin McNeill
dove of christ

  Early this morning I was given a dream. In the dream I saw a thin line of fire run from the wall to the ceiling and it quickly engulfed and covered the complete ceiling as if an accelerate had been poured out upon the ceiling. I questioned how can the ceiling be the first to burn and not the floor or side walls?


 The LORD says, I am opening coverings that have before restrained My prophets. In times past  the foundations were first checked and then built upon, but today I am changing some orders with those who stand in My five-fold ministries for their foundations are not built of man's solidarity  but of an endurance and holiness hidden before the eyes of men. I have built their firm foundations and I have tried them already in My fire. You did not see the flames upon the foundation for they were the flames upon the ceiling. These ministers are released today to go forth and to burn up that which has enclosed

  My people's freedom. The ceilings of man's religion and religious ways has restricted My people for too  long now. Flames are above you. Flames are surrounding you. Flames are within you. Flames are igniting you to go forth and speak in new boldness. 

  Would I in deed be The One Who sets on fire? Was it I Who made time to stand still?  Would I dry up the brook when men were thirsting? Would I send fire in judgment upon  a city? Would I breathe and open the sea? Would the fires of  My kingdom fall on man?  Would I give My prophets these powers over the elements? Yea, they are already yours. Go forth. Go forth in the greater works. The Fire surrounds you. I AM The Fire, says  the LORD and you are My flames. 7-10-2002
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