Only The Blood of JESUS

shared by Suzin McNeill 

Dove of Christ

During our journey, we all have certain memories that just don't seem to fit in any particular place that we can explain. Many may call this one simply an archetypal relation. All that I can share in contemplation is that it is wholly, holy unto me.

a vision

From a distance I see three crosses. I know exactly that death is occurring in

this sight. I am nine years old, sitting alone on a large boulder. The sky is turbulent

with lightning flashing. I watch. This death at this cross is very different than most

that I witnessed from  this same place. The lightning silhouettes the three crosses.

The cross in the middle stands out. I know that death has occurred. I must walk to

the cross quickly. Those who stood by are leaving the area as I venture close. The

soldiers are talking loudly and actually seem elated.

They speak of  not getting to break His legs. Then, I see that some are asking

to take down His body. Why not, the soldiers sneer. He is no good to anyone

now, this king of the Jews. I hear the painful cries of those who loved Him.

They tenderly remove His body from the cross. I ease forward and see HIM. This is not just an ordinary man crucified.

He is somehow different, paler. HIS family carries HIM away. All are sobbing. The

night is very dark now. I wait and walk over to the cross as the last soldiers are

leaving. They admonish me to go home. I walk over to the very place HIS cross

stood. The ground is red and wet with HIS blood. I reach down and grab a handful

of the blood soaked dirt. I carry this handful of dirt tightly clinched. It changes me,

and I feel true love for the very first time in all my l.e.

Today, I still feel this bloodied dirt in my hand. It is still changing me. There

are times that I feel this small handful of wet dirt present within my closed fist.

I know now, that it is My Savior's blood and it is still there, just for me. This

simple hand full of blood soaked earth has come through the ages. I feel it

and can smell it's scent mingled with the wet dirt. Through the ages of time

and memories, the precious blood of my JESUS still speaks, still radically

changes, frees and transforms from death to l.e, each one it touches. It has

not aged and not one drop upon the earth is wasted.  Without HIS precious

blood, I could not go to my Heavenly FATHER. Without HIS precious blood I

would not be ... a handmaiden.

Psalm 34:3 O magniy the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

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