I Cry, The Cry Of A Woman

shared by Suzin McNeill   

I cry for the promises that seem way past due and I have trusted in The Lord. I know it is not a problem with Him but in me, because I've been around this same block so many,many times before. As for the block, I know it! As for my sins, I know them too. I know their entrapment, my weak areas, and just how it is justifiable by my own self.

I cry inside, because I know it just will not fly until I lay it down.
I cry because I know the justifier knows just what to say. 
I cry because the sin I do, I make the decision, and then choose to act on it freely. The LORD will not touch my free will, and satan can not touch my free will.

I can have whatsoever I will... and I set my will to be free in Jesus name.

I hold down my head and say here's my life again Lord, and then whisper, please take it and help me in the power name, Jesus. I cry, because my life is a mess, and I am a mess.

Come check in on me, LORD because, I need you to look after me.
I'm Yours. Again, I have surrendered  myself to follow You, JESUS.

I cry for both faith and hope to fill me, yet doubt, fear and unbelief  have brought in their tow trucks and I have been a dumping ground, professing my love to You.  So clearly it is written, If you love Me, you will obey Me. Come follow Me...

I cry because I have settled for what I knew was not right.
I cry for the moments lost to poor judgment and and the desire to be independent even, from  You, Lord.
I cry for the secrets hidden in my mind, covered with indifference.
I cry because of my resentment towards You in the hardest times.
I cry, forgive my accusations in Jesus name.
I cry because I really do not like Your chastening and correction.
I believe You to be a harsh GOD in judgment and
then I am overtaken with Your mercy and Your renewing love for me.
I cry because of the sins of my mouth and the wrongful intentions of my heart.
I cry, correct me.
I cry for myself when I do not hear You.
I cry, Father, in Jesus name cause me to hear You. Holy Spirit I ask for You to come and teach me, guide me, and yes, I do surrender all, again.

I cry for stubborn disobedience and willful self independence.
I cry for choosing any thing except you will.
I cry because I have to wait until my hope almost dies and then. You show up.
I cry because I know that complaining gets me nowhere with You, Father.
I cry from a low place and feel alone.
I cry from the hurts of men, lovers, friends and family.
I cry because my most basic needs create strain.
I cry how long? How long, Lord?
I cry in self pity, rather than brokenness.
I cry because I want to have joy and to hear laughter, coming from my own lips.
I cry because I know He is calling me now, but I'm not ready for that full commitment now, or maybe when I'm older, settled down more, and ready to start a family.
I cry because I grew up in the church and no longer care to go there, or anywhere.
I cry for loving sleep, more than dead church.  I do love You, Lord.
I cry when I see women, and handmaidens of God, with such great needs.
I cry when it seems faith fails.
I cry come in Jesus name and provide for me, Jehovah Jireh.

I cry HELP in every nation and in every tongue, in Jesus name, for the glory of our Father.
I cry for new breath and musky memories to  have no hold over me in Jesus name
I cry wash me Lord! Wash me and all of Israel in the blood of Jesus.
I cry teach me to love You with first love and ignite Your Presence within me.
I cry can You see the prosperity of my soul?
I cry because I believe that You walk The Word, and will withhold no good thing from me.
I cry, I'm waiting.
I cry where are You?
I cry I am here.
I cry because I feel so alone, because of my  choice to sin, and the wall created between us.
I cry because I foolishly chose darkness over The Light.
I cry, let a flood of the blood of Jesus cover me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

I cry heal my broken wounded heart and give me Your heart, a heart of courage.
I cry for complete healing, inside and outside of me, for all women.
I cry, Abba Father, forgive me in Jesus name.
I cry cover me with Your blood, Jesus.
I cry surround me with Your love.
I cry pray for me, today, Lord.
I cry for my own self.
I cry Jesus heal me.
I cry, forgive me.
I cry, forgive.
I cry.
JESUS wept. 
John 11:35
  and always, at every "red sea" kind of time, He has made a way, and given His grace. By helping me to stand  in Him, He has strengthened me for every good.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.